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Areas of specialization

Work with the most talented marketers who specialize in:

Marketing strategy
Marketing coordination
E-mail marketing
Creative/art director
Facebook, Instagram
TikTok, YouTube
LinkedIn, Pinterest
Influencer marketing
Graphics, Copywriting
Word-of-mouth marketing
Google Ads, Bing Ads
Facebook, Instagram Ads
LinkedIn Ads
TikTok Ads
Amazon Ads, Allegro Ads
Pinterest Ads
Websites creation
Marketing automation

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Our benefits

Why MarketerHub.com?

Finding a reliable and skilled marketer is usually a very painful experience. Hundreds of applicants and a lot of wasted time and money. Very low barrier of entry means that the market is flooded with unknowns.
That's why we've made this process extremely simple.
In-house hire
Online freelance platforms
Time to find a marketer
7-10 days 1-3 months 2-7 days
Advanced skills verification
verified by an expert with 10 years+ of experience
Time spent on skills verification (tests, practical tasks).
10h 0-3h
Only marketers with proven experience matched to your needs
Failure rate
very low moderate very high
Changing a marketer to a different one, without additional costs and time

Our track record in the last 10 years

Join over 1500 of our clients

Skills verification

What does the verification process look like?

Through a scrupulous, multi-stage process, we verify hundreds of new freelancers every month and select only the top 1%.
Selection of marketers
Step 1

accepted candidates

We select marketers with a few years of experience, who have completed advanced projects during their careers. We analyze case studies, portfolios, and results.
Personality, soft skills, language
Step 2

accepted candidates

We verify soft skills, English proficiency, problem-solving capabilities, creativity, and personality traits. We select specialists who work with passion and commitment.
Knowledge verification
Step 3

accepted candidates

An expert with over 10 years of experience veryfies the knowledge and analyzes candidate's previous work in detail.
Practical tasks
Step 4

accepted candidates

Through test projects, we scrupulously check how the marketer will handle real issues.

Customer testimonials

See what our clients say about us

“We’ve been working with a marketer from MarketerHub.com for over 8 months. He’s helped me to organize 150 events so far and has delivered very satisfying results. He takes care of our social media profiles and runs ads. We used to cooperate with marketing freelancers, but it didn't work well. I highly recommend MarketerHub.com.”

Adalbert Bomba
CEO of Silent Disco

“I began collaborating with a MarketerHub.com-sourced marketer a year ago. After I outlined my needs, they paired me with an ideal candidate. Their approach is innovative. I'm extremely pleased with the choice I made. I have great trust in the marketer I got from MarketerHub.com.”

Raphael Michalak
CEO of Lightexpert.eu

“We've benn partnering with MarketerHub.com for 1.5 years. I vividly recall when their account manager called me after I submitted my contact details on their website. His approach and deep understanding of marketing impressed me. He attentively understood my requirements and successfully connected me with a fitting marketer.”

Adalbert Wojcik
CEO of MultiGastro

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