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    Social Media Specialist

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Areas of specialization

We are looking for experienced and skilled marketers

Marketing strategy
Marketing coordination
E-mail marketing
Creative/art director
Facebook, Instagram
TikTok, YouTube
LinkedIn, Pinterest
Influencer marketing
Graphics, Copywriting
Word-of-mouth marketing
Google Ads, Bing Ads
Facebook, Instagram Ads
LinkedIn Ads
TikTok Ads
Amazon Ads, Allegro Ads
Pinterest Ads
Websites creation
Marketing automation

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Looking for clients on your own
A professional sales department with many years of experience in acquiring clients
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"I highly value cooperation with because I can decide how many clients I want to serve and at what hourly rate. Clients are delivered to me according to my preferences, and I don't have to deal with sales, which I don't like. I'm a freelancer and half of the clients I serve are from Additionally, platform support is always very helpful and friendly."

Social Media Specialist

"I started cooperating with due to flexible working hours, which is why it is my additional source of income. I am familiar with both running Social Media and Google Ads, and the clients who come to me are adapted to my specializations and skills. I don't have to deal with acquiring clients, and that's great."

Social Media Specialist

"I'm glad I partnered with I service as many clients as my actual capabilities allow. I don't have to sell my services, I immediately receive a client ready for service. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly, and the coworkers are very helpful."

Social Media Specialist


Does my profile have to be publicly visible?
No. Your profile can be confidential and we will only present it to clients matched to you.
What % do you take from the amount paid by the client?
Our margin varies and depends on several factors. You always receive remuneration according to the independently established rate.
What services can I earn on?
On every internet marketing service.
Do I need to have a business?
No. You don't need a business to cooperate with
How many clients can I get?
You can get as many clients as you can handle.
How long does the freelancer verification take and what does it look like?
The verification consists of, among other things, a video interview, tests, and practical tasks. It usually takes about 7 days.
Do I get the money based on the results or per hour?
Companies using buy hours of your work. You get paid for every hour you've spent on a client.

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